Our Team

Mark Davey 

Mark "Mr Glass" Davey heads up our London Office - When he's not on the physio bed getting treatment, he's on the pitch with more tape than Tutankhamun! Safe to say, he knows tape. Combined with his sales background, naturally, he's the man to speak to if you're interested in our products and keen to build a long-term relationship.              



Rhodri Apsee

After taking the leap into the sports strapping world, Rhodri predominantly focuses on the research & performance sector, speaking to athletes and potential new customers out of the South-West office. He's responsible for ensuring our tape is of the highest quality and that our customers remain happy. Rhodri’s affiliate marketing prowess is not his only talent, having dedicated years to playing Rugby and travelling most of Europe, when it comes to tape, he knows his stuff!



Daniel Apsee 

Dan, the veteran of the team, is responsible for everything to do with the brand. He is known to think creatively from time-to-time, although most ideas remain 'in his head'. When he's not cooking tapas or working on our brand, he's playing rugby, also taped up to the nines to get a few more years out of his weathered joints! Dan is based in our Cardiff office and looks after the South-West region.



   Steve Fellows 

Steve owns a chiropractors practice, "Master Chiropractors" in Bridgend, a popular choice for many of Wales' professional athletes. Steve has a wealth of knowledge and experience in getting the body ready for physical exercise & sport. He joins the Taurus Team with a special interest in the development of our K-tape range. As a chiropractor, Steve is one of the most respected in the country.

Gareth Davies

Gareth has played an integral part of the development of our product range and has given his valuable input. Based out of "The Therapy Centre" in South Wales, his business; GTD Therapy; has gone from strength-to-strength in recent years. Gareth has a wealth of experience with professional sports teams where he has spent time with rugby team such as The Ospreys, Cardiff Blues as well as many semi professional sides around Wales, where he is considered the go-to professional for soft tissue massage.





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