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    EAB Straight edge
    EAB Straight edge
    EAB Straight edge

    EAB Straight edge

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    • Supreme elastic adhesive bandage for a secure, professional and conforming fit.
    • Strong enough to last in tough environments.
    • Soft cotton fabric with a feathered edge and an easy to unwind..
    • 2.5cm and 5cm rolls 
    • Useful 4.5m long roll. Latex free
    • Ideal for finger, thumb & wrist support


    Our Elastic Adhesive Bandage or EAB as it is commonly known,is a elasticated Cotton bandage with adherent on one side. It is used to support joints and soft tissue strapping and immobilisation. Its strong adhesive helps it stay in place, even in the toughest environments. An easy unwind will give a better application therefore giving a good level of conformity.



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