About Us



We are Taurus Tape and our journey started in 2018 when cousins Daniel and Rhodri Apsee, along with friend Mark Davey, decided to create a company to provide sustainable and quality brands of sports tapes capable of mixing it with the major players.

Taurus Tape was born with a desire to provide some of the best sports tapes available at reasonable cost, with a brand that people (athletes and sport professionals) will put their faith in and recognise for its quality.

From a young age we participated in sport, it's inherent and part of us.  Tape and strapping was always around us and because of its protective and supportive qualities has been a big part of our sporting careers.  We each have a long history in various sports with regional and international honours and it is through this obsession to compete and to gain a competitive edge that Taurus Tape was born.

We wanted to provide sports tape that was robust, made from quality materials and that would be a leading range for both recreational sports enthusiasts and professional athletes alike.  We fully understand the need for a product you can trust and will do the job it is designed to do, so you can concentrate on what matters to you - participation and performance. 

It has taken us over a year to develop our range.  Products which are endorsed by many physio and sports therapists - a few of whom have helped us in the whole process and given their professional input to ensure we are creating a product that stands out and be a market leader. 

Our motto is simple:

We provide tough tapes for the toughest of sports.




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